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Classification of presbyopic lenses

Nov 26, 2018

Reading glasses, also known as presbyopic mirrors, are a type of optical product used by people with old-fashioned eyes. They are a kind of convex lens. Reading glasses are mainly to meet the needs of the eyes of the elderly.

Reading glasses are used to supplement vision in the elderly. It has many optical indicators as stipulated by national standards as well as some special rules of use. It is the same as general sunglasses, and customers can judge whether it is suitable for purchase by style and color.

In general, spectacle lenses can be divided into two broad categories, namely glass lenses and optical resin lenses.

The glass lens includes an optical glass lens and a high refractive index lens (so-called ultra-thin film), which has high hardness and good wear resistance. Generally, the quality and various parameters do not change with time, but the resistance of the glass lens Impact and weight are slightly inferior to resin lenses.

Resin lenses are generally much lighter than glass lenses and have better impact resistance than glass sheets, but they have a lower surface hardness and are more susceptible to scratching. Resin lenses and coated lenses are soft because of their characteristics. Therefore, please be careful not to let the mirror surface directly touch the hard object. It is best to clean with water (or a small amount of detergent) before scrubbing, then use special test cloth or high quality cotton paper. Drain the water droplets on the lens. In addition, coated lenses should be used with caution in places with poor environmental conditions to prevent dirt from being washed.