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Driving in the rain is not convenient. Try wearing polarized sunglasses.

May 23, 2019

Recently, Xiamen, China is suffering from sweltering weather and heavy rains. With the huge number of car owners, the safety of rainy days has become a hot spot of concern to the society. Especially in summer, the weather is changeable. When it rains, the fog is soaring. When it comes to heavy rain, the motorists are only left with irritability. No matter how fast the wiper is adjusted, it still can't see the road ahead of the windshield.

Director of the Department of Ophthalmology of Xiamen Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Lin Yuan, introduced that the raindrops on the windshield can easily become a transparent medium, which can scatter the fiber around, produce glare, and make other things in the field of vision. The contrast is drastically reduced, causing the driver's vision to be blurred and invisible.

When driving on a rainy day, the interference to the human eye is light from different directions. Although ordinary sunglasses can filter out certain wavelengths of light, they cannot change the contrast. In this regard, Lin Yuan introduced, brown polarized sunglasses is a very good choice, glasses with polarized function, can reflect the scattered light, glare and reflected light of the object in the natural light, so the driver will feel the foreground looks Soft and not glaring, the vision becomes clear. If it is just ordinary sunglasses, it can only block ultraviolet rays and has no function of blocking glare. Wearing it in rainy days will not make the driver's vision clear.


It should be noted that when it rains, the light is generally weak, and wearing dark glasses may cause safety hazards. Dark glasses will reduce the contrast. The darker the color, the more blurred the things you see, the less visible the driver will be, the slower the natural judgment, and the lower the security.

In addition, she stressed that wearing dark sunglasses for a long time makes the eyes accustomed to the dark environment, which easily leads to pupil dilation, which will cause certain damage to the eyes in the long run. In addition to the color-changing glasses (ie, glasses that change the light transmittance according to the light), you should never wear sunglasses when the road lighting is not good at night. When driving into a tunnel with poor lighting during the day, you should remove the glasses in time. Polarized sunglasses are not recommended for use at night.