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Future glasses

May 09, 2019

For us, the eyes we use every day are basically used to debug our vision. Of course, some glasses are special, such as sunglasses, goggles during welding work, and so on. However, if you often read sci-fi films, you will know that the glasses used by actors in many movies are very different. The glasses they wear are very technical, and they are not the glasses we usually use to adjust our vision. The glasses that are worn are basically AR glasses, so what is AR glasses? Simply put, as long as you wear AR glasses, the data of people or other things in front of you can be quickly revealed, allowing you to analyze the nature of the person or thing in front of you.


So, does such a magical AR glasses really exist today? Or is it just a kind of virtual glasses deliberately portrayed in the movie to attract the audience? The answer is that there are such glasses now. Once you wear them, you can use the lenses to scan the things in front of your eyes, analyze their data, and then derive their properties. What’s even more amazing is that AR glasses can also help us identify each individual's identity.


Of course, when this AR glasses work, we also need to wear a specially configured Bluetooth. Without this function of the Bluetooth AR, there will be a lot less. Here I will tell you about the workflow of this pair of glasses. First, before it recognizes the data of things, it will first connect with our mobile phone, and then after the identification, the data can be transmitted to the mobile phone. It is. In addition, this pair of glasses has an imaging function, which is analyzed based on the data after imaging. The role of Bluetooth is to directly tell the results of the analysis.


So, why can this glasses directly analyze the data of people or things in front of the eye through imaging technology? This is what everyone wants to know. In fact, it is very simple. It is essentially an AI glasses. It is connected to the current Internet data. As long as there is data on the Internet, it will have it, as long as you The things that are scanned in front of the data are stored on the Internet, and it will display the data in a short period of time.


Because of the appearance of this type of glasses, it can be used in many places, such as matching the matching Bluetooth, you can find out the identity of the surrounding people, as the current security work requires such equipment. In addition, if this glasses is applied to the public security, then the help will be more obvious for the public security work, and the identity of the criminal can be quickly identified.


Nowadays, the technology of smart AR glasses has gradually formed and has developed rapidly. Many companies in the field of technology are producing such glasses. I believe that such a pair of glasses will appear in our lives in the near future. By then, the high-tech glasses in the movie will become reality. I don’t know what kind of views people have on this glasses?