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Sunglasses protection measures

Apr 22, 2017

No matter where you collect your sunglasses, be sure to remember that the mirror is facing up.

1: Folding. In the design of the frame, usually by the left side of the mirror legs first folded and then the right side.

2: pick and wear. In the operation of the time, to use both hands to operate, take the temple along the cheek parallel to the direction of picking.

3: About cleaning. With a special glasses cloth to wipe. But do not recommend dry wipe, so easy to wear a lens. It is best to rinse with water, and then use a paper towel to dry the water and then use the glasses cloth to wipe. Hold the hand in the process of wiping and then wipe the side of the mirror. Action to light, or easy to damage the lens and frame. The

4: regular adjustments. After wearing a period of time, the frame may be deformed, causing a burden on the nose and ears, and the lens is easy to loose. You can own fixed or to the store to adjust.

5: About placement. Short time to place the lens must be convex up, or easy to wear flowers, while avoiding with a variety of chemicals, cosmetics, medicines and other contacts. But also to avoid direct sunlight and high temperature. If placed for a long time, then wrapped with glasses into the glasses box.

I hope you pay attention to the daily maintenance of sunglasses, so as to better care sunglasses, to extend the life of sunglasses.