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Some points to buy sunglasses

Apr 22, 2017

With the summer approaching, matching sunglasses, myopia consumers gradually increased, so that people can buy a quality of qualified, comfortable to wear glasses, the experts advise the vast number of consumers, in the optional glasses to pay attention to multiple aspects :

First, we should pay attention to optometry links. Choose a pair of wear appropriate, comfortable glasses, accurate optometry is a basic factor. Before optometry, to check the optical shop optometry staff, whether the provincial glasses industry association issued by the optometrist or optometrists card; optometry if the emotional, physical condition, should be in a few days after two optometry To achieve scientific and accurate optometry results.

Second, we should pay attention to the choice of glasses material. General glasses are divided into resin, glass and crystal, etc., lenses and frames should have shelf life. Lens, frame if it is imported materials, there should be import inspection certificate.

Third, buy glasses, be sure to see the purchase of glasses of product quality inspection certificate, factory name and site, at the same time to obtain a shopping invoice, in the event of quality problems, you can safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

Four: sunglasses have polarized effect, and anti-ultraviolet effect, pay attention to whether the sunglasses lenses meet the international standard UV400, if not reached the UV400 lens is unqualified.