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The following are non-quality problems caused by dizziness:

Apr 22, 2017

◆ first wearing sunglasses friends, there will be a dizziness of the phenomenon of individuals, usually after a period of time will be able to adapt, and this is mainly related to the degree of sensitivity to the eye;

◆ Second, the large mirror of the large sunglasses wearing dizziness, this is because there is a certain degree of sunglasses, the greater the degree of curvature, the greater the degree, there will be degree of optical center, large frame optical center distance greater than the interpupillary distance When some people wear dizzy phenomenon will occur.

◆ there is glaucoma wearing sunglasses will be dizzy, here do not do a detailed explanation, the specific reasons can consult a local doctor.

◆ When the dark light wearing sunglasses, sunglasses itself has weakened the role of light, this time wearing sunglasses, will cause intraocular pressure, and then the phenomenon of dizziness.

[Expert reminder]

Children under the age of 6 are not suitable for wearing sunglasses for a long time, because their visual function development does not meet the adult level, long wearing sunglasses may be the formation of amblyopia.