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Wear sun lens will be halo what is the reason?

Apr 22, 2017

If the sunglasses to bring a sense of halo, there may be too tight foot of the mirror foot, nose parts discomfort caused by the sense of oppression, or the lens itself, spherical degree, prism and other parameters caused by unequal. On the lens of the colorful phenomenon, in principle, has nothing to do with the dizziness, but may cause poor visual effects. The reason for the multicolored may be the problem of the process of the lens or the problem of the liquid. Normal say that our glasses are from China in the high-end professional glasses manufacturers, but also a long history of Taiwan manufacturers. Should be in this area control is good, but sometimes it may inevitably have bad phenomenon. After all, are hand to live. 8 bend more than the number of sunglasses is also a degree, it may cause dizziness. Added: nose angle of the most adjustable, dizziness is also very likely to be sunglasses unqualified, should stop wearing.