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What Is The Difference Between Sunglasses And Cycling Glasses?

Jun 14, 2019

In recent years, along with the concept of low-carbon life and healthy living, people's bicycles have also shown a rapid growth trend. As an important equipment in cycling, sports riding mirrors, like helmets, have become a must-have for more and more cycling enthusiasts. The sports riding mirror not only can effectively prevent accidental injuries caused by mosquitoes, flying sand, etc. during riding, but also can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays and improve visual effects, thereby improving the riding comfort.

Many riders tend to choose sports glasses with polarized light when they choose sports glasses, mainly because they are UV-resistant (functional), more comfortable than other lenses (comfort), others say polarizers are better. (ride friend word of mouth).

Basic principle of polarizer

The polarizer uses the principle of polarization of light. When the sun is projected on the road or on the water, it directly irritates the eyes, making the eyes glare, tired, and not looking good. The function of the polarizer is to effectively remove and filter out the scattered light in the beam, so that the light can be put into the eye visual image on the track of the positive track, so that the field of view is clear and natural. Similar to the principle of blinds, the light is adjusted to the same direction and enters the room, naturally making the scene look soft and not glare.

How to choose?

1. First consider the quality: the primary function of the polarizer is to protect against UV rays and filter polarized light. A good polarizer lens can block the penetration of more than 90% of UV rays. You can choose a polarizer with "UV400" best blocking UV mark; inferior polarizer, with the light entering the human eye darkening, the pupil of the human eye will become larger, the ultraviolet rays entering the eye will increase, and the damage to the eyes will be increased. .

2, the object is true and natural: the color selection of the polarizer lens should be based on the principle that the surrounding environment color is not distorted, the edge of the object is clear, and the different color signal lights can be effectively recognized. The color of the lens is preferably gray, brown or green. The lenses of these colors absorb infrared light and ultraviolet light better, which can improve the visual contrast and sharpness. It is especially effective when the air pollution is serious or foggy.

3. Correct processing: The light blocking function of polarized lenses is derived from the polarizing film in the lens. At present, the latest standard related to polarizers in China is the axial deviation of polarized lenses in QB 2659-2004. The specific description is as follows: the polarization axis of the polarized lens after installation in the frame should be in the horizontal direction, and the deviation should not exceed ±5°. The difference between the polarization axes of the left and right lenses should not exceed 6°. That is to say, the horizontal deviation of each lens does not exceed 5°, and the sum of the absolute values of the deviation of the two lenses cannot exceed 6°. Otherwise the effect of the lens is greatly reduced, even worse than ordinary PC sports lenses.

Polarized lenses used in sports glasses are also closely related to the lens itself, such as TAC (sandwich) polarized lenses, PC (polycarbonate) integrated polarized lenses, NYLON (nylon) polarized lenses, NXT color-changing polarized lenses. And many other types, the process is different, the price is also several times different.

The difference between ordinary sunglasses and riding glasses

The heat radiated from the body will cause a pair of ordinary sunglasses to be atomized, and the sweat will cause ordinary sunglasses to fall or even fall. However, the rubber non-slip nose pads of the riding glasses ensure that the glasses are firmly seated on the face. More and more high-end cycling glasses add vents between the lens and the frame, making them cooler and more comfortable to use.