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Apple Will Launch AR Glasses

Mar 14, 2019

Apple will launch AR glasses

From analyst Ming-Chi Kuo's breaking news, Apple plans to launch its first augmented reality hardware in the second quarter of 2020, Apple's AR equipment, the fastest time to mass production in the fourth quarter of this year.


For a long time, Apple has made a lot of efforts in promoting AR technology. Unfortunately, for various reasons, it has not achieved much explosive effects. This is obviously not what they expected. In the 5G era, the speed of mobile network speed has provided AR applications. A better operating environment, so creating a hardware device that is compatible with augmented reality is a worthwhile attempt.


aa18972bd40735fac7c860e1b99570b70e2408f1(Apple AR glasses rendering)

So far, the market for AR or VR glasses that has achieved better compatibility with the iPhone has not yet appeared. With the powerful computing power of the iPhone, Apple's AR glasses equipment does not need to be produced like Oculus Go and other VR equipment manufacturers. In the case of relatively cumbersome products and lower cost, it is conducive to the expansion of market share.