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BMW TSARAVision Smart Glasses

Jun 12, 2019

According to foreign media reports, it has been a long time since Google Glass came out and quickly moved to the world. Automakers believe they need a smarter smart glasses solution. BMW is the latest company to showcase this technology.


BMW announced yesterday that they have developed a new smart glasses, TSARAVision Smart Glasses, for dealer technicians. Named after BMW's newest online case reporting system, TSARA, the glasses speed up automotive diagnostics and repairs by providing everything needed for a technology where technicians don't have to flip through physical manuals or make phone calls.


It is understood that TSARAVision is not like the traditional glasses, it can put step by step instructions or technical drawings in front of the technicians. In addition, this glasses can also take screenshots, and if necessary, enlarge the picture for more details.

If a problem proves to be too tricky, the glasses will be able to call the German headquarters, where engineers can better solve problems through real-time on-site conditions. If the technician needs to open a new document, he/she can open it with his voice, so the advantage of setting up is that the technician does not need to free up the busy hands in the car.

BMW said the new technology will be launched at all BMW dealerships by June. In fact, BMW is not the first company to try to do this. Last year, Porsche also launched a smart glasses Tech Live Look. Although its shape does not look so attractive, the original design of both is the same, that is, speed up the repair process from every possible angle.