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Celebrating The Indian Color Festival Google Duo On-line Feature Filter

Mar 22, 2019

To celebrate the Indian Color Festival (Holi), the Google Duo video chat app has added a new color filter.

When you video chat with Google Duo in India, users can use color puffs, sunglasses, flower frames, floating food, and "Happy Holi" filters. Justin Uberti, founder and technical director of Google Duo, confirmed that these filters are only available in India.


The Holi filter is currently only available for video messages that have already been recorded by the user and therefore cannot be used in live chat. However, users can share their video with Google Duo's friends after completing the video production. The Indian Color Festival is one of the three major festivals in India and is held on the full moon day around March. On this day, the world is in a crazy colorful, people are colored, the streets are colored, and even the waters of the Ganges are colored. Everyone embraces, dances and celebrates, and shouts: "Happy Holi!"