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China Fashion Week

Mar 29, 2019


China International Fashion Week opened in Beijing, nearly 200 designers from 16 countries and regions, participated in special fashion release, professional competition, DHUB design exchange, fashion forum, business match, creative show, bloom ยท China advanced More than 100 professional events, such as custom art exhibitions.

In addition to the on-site schedule, the performance of the people outside the crowd is also very exciting. In the beautiful season of "the spring breeze comes to the warmth of the East, and I am facing me", the influx of people chooses a pair of accessories with practical value and fashion attitude - glasses to bless the appearance.

For example, the most retro-style "players" aviator aviator sunglasses, born in the 1930s, the pilot sunglasses are military supplies, is a more popular style in the last century. In the past two years, the resurgence of the retro style has made it popular again, almost "hands-on".


The biggest advantage of aviator sunglasses is that they don't pick up the face, and the style is between casual and elegant, very versatile.

Moreover, after the "jewelry" of the snow chains, the chain glasses can also be echoed with other accessories in the shape of earrings, necklaces, etc., forming a stack, which is more refined and sophisticated.