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Face Modification:

Apr 22, 2017

① round face: you need a straight or angular frame to weaken your profile, please use the deep, subtle color of the lens to reduce the sense of obesity, so that the face looks more exquisite.

② square face: round face instead, you need some rounded corners, streamlined frame to set off your unruly extraordinary temperament.

③ triangular face: Please try to avoid the use of large frame, square frame, because it will appear on the face wide and narrow, the use of fine frame, round frame, bright colors for the best.

④ oval face: you are born is very suitable for Taiwan sunglasses Oh No matter what style is very suitable for you, pay attention to the size of the ratio on it.

⑤ rectangular face: the most suitable for you is a large frame of sunglasses, so you can make up for the small shortcomings of the face, so that looks more delicate face, the color is mainly dark.