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Have You Seen Glasses From The Qing Dynasty?

Mar 23, 2019

Zhongxin.com, Kunming, March 21st (Reporter Hu Yuanhang) All kinds of antique glasses and lens blanks, early light meter, glass grinding tools... The first glasses-themed museum in Yunnan Province was unveiled in Kunming Old Street. Mysterious veil. On the 21st, the reporter walked into the museum and learned about the past and present of the glasses.


The picture shows the antique glasses displayed in the museum. Hu Yuanhang

This museum, located in Wenming Street, Old Street, Kunming, is built by the 82-year-old “old-fashioned” lean glasses and displays more than 300 pieces of old objects related to glasses, including glasses, frames, lenses, tools and other related items.


The picture shows the 73-year-old special-grade glasses adjuster Zhang Yongxiang showcasing antique glasses. Hu Yuanhang

As a spectacles museum, the most natural collections are all kinds of glasses. Here are the Qing Dynasty brass glasses, horn glasses, copper ear glasses; crystal folding glasses, reading glasses, wind glasses, welding glasses, sights, cataract surgery, photo cloth mirrors in the Republic of China; 19th century England Hanging copper glasses, Coddington magnifying glass, even American safety glasses and "Flying Tigers" with the same aviation goggles... Even the glasses-mounted boxes are made of cowhide or silver or copper. Dazzling.


The picture shows the antique glasses displayed in the museum. Hu Yuanhang

Zhang Yongxiang, a 73-year-old special-grade glasses adjuster, told reporters that many people have mistakenly thought that glasses were imported into China in modern times. In fact, glasses were first invented and used by the Chinese. The earliest glasses in China are made of crystal and are round single mirrors. The "evolutionary history" of glasses has experienced several stages of single-piece single-handle, two-piece no-leg, two-piece single-leg, and two-piece curved legs.


The picture shows the various types of lens blanks displayed by the museum. Hu Yuanhang

Of course, in addition to a variety of antique glasses, the museum also displays early optic instruments, lens punching machines, lens grinding tools and other optical instruments, as well as various types of lens blanks. These materials and tools restore the entire process of hand-made glasses production.


The picture shows the antique glasses displayed in the museum. Hu Yuanhang

"In the past, the spectacle lenses were hand-polished, and the degree was also manually edging and debugging with light instruments." Zhang Yongxiang said that although the lens blanks of glasses in the Republic of China have been mass-produced, a pair of glasses were produced and adjusted. Forming still takes about a month. Because of the time and labor, the glasses were not affordable for everyone at the time.

"Kunming lean glasses business history can be traced back to 1937, when, with the outbreak of the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, a large number of intellectuals flooded into Yunnan, Shanghai opticians saw the opportunity to establish a lean optical shop in Kunming. At that time, the Daguan nobles and 'southwest The teachers of the General Assembly are the regulars in our store," said Zhang Yongxiang.

Today, with the development of society, glasses have become popular consumer goods. These once antique glasses have become collections of museums and collectors.