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How To Match A Stylish Eyewear Chain?

Apr 01, 2019
How to match a stylish eyewear chain?

Although the glasses chain is small, but the plasticity is super high, whether it is the style or the wearing method, you can make your entire look look new. If you don't believe it, you can open the world of glasses chain with Rui Sauce!

Ⅰ. chain terms

The most basic of the glasses chain is the chain clause. In 1992, when the glasses chain had not become a new trend, Chanel made this kind of attempt, combining the chain with the sunglasses, which triggered a wave of enthusiasm.


Until the Gucci show in 2016, almost every model wore a pair of thin metal frame glasses and a chain of chain glasses, which completely opened the trend of the recovery of the glasses chain and the explosion!


Nowadays, the hipsters love to hang the chain of glasses casually on both sides. Just changing the way you wear it will make you Slay!


Of course, you can also hang your glasses on your chest and wear the chain and glasses directly as a necklace. Is it casual and individual?


As for the style, we can add elements to the chain at will, such as stitching other styles of chains, or other materials, the basic necklace can play with the pattern.



If you think that the above is too gorgeous, try cool, add letters or decorative patterns to the chain, and boldly express your personality!


If you want to exaggerate the effect, you can also try this kind of thick chain. In the moment when the big gold chain watch is popular, the chain is thick enough!



 Ⅱ.wire rope

Glasses chain does not have to go gorgeous style, like to take some sports with a bit of natural wind, you can choose a line style, more relaxed and casual, with a hot sportswear is also more suitable.


The national customs can also be reflected by the chain of eye-catching glasses, such as adding tassels and hair balls, and Bohemia is an instant. It is definitely a must-have item for travel.



Make an upgrade on the chain terms, use the chain of various columns to make the glasses chain, without the cold feeling of the chain, more warm and elegant, but also more feminine.


Especially this year's hot pearl elements, it is more suitable to add to the glasses chain, but the retro is elegant, the personality is not too Over.