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How To Wear Contact Lenses?

Mar 20, 2019

How to bring beauty? The method is critical! Many people have worn their own for the first time, and the lenses are still on their fingers. In fact, for the first attempt, if you don't understand the method, you don't know the wearing step, it is not only difficult to operate, but even hurts the eye. Therefore, as a professional beauty wearer, today's Xiaohe will come with Everyone talks about the specific method of wearing.


Step 1: Before taking the beauty, you need to trim the long nails first, then clean your hands, dry naturally or dry with a non-frozen towel.

Step 2: Make sure the table is clean and tidy.

Step 3: take out the soaked contact lens, rinse it with fresh care solution, put it on the right index finger, and distinguish the front and back.

Step 4: Use the middle finger of the right hand to gently pull the lower eyelid of the lens. The index finger of the other hand gently pulls the eyelid, and the black eyeball is completely exposed in the air, slowly approaching the mirror.

Step 5: Look a little down the eye, then gently move the lens on the index finger of your right hand to the eyeball.

Step 6: After the lens is attached to the eyeball, there is no other obstruction. It will automatically suck up. Close your eyes and gently turn the eyeball so that the lens fits perfectly with your eyes.

In fact, the wearing method of the beauty is as simple as this. During the wearing process, many of them are because the method is not correct, or the position of the lens is not accurate, and it is not always worn. If you are not successful at one time, you can try a few more.