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It's Important To Know Reading Glasses

Jun 03, 2017

Reading glasses is mainly to meet the needs of the eyes of the old crowd. Presbyopia is a normal physiological phenomenon, not eye disease, nor exsist in the age of the elderly. 40 years of age with the human eye lens gradually fibrous sclerosis, ciliary muscle gradually paralyzed, so that the human eye can not effectively adjust the shape of the eye (axial changes), only by adjusting the distance between the eyes and the object, Objects must be moved far to see clearly, when the eye state is called presbyopia. Presbyopia in order to use the original distance in the use of vision must wear reading glasses for vision supplement, in order to re-see the clear, no exaggeration to say, reading glasses is everyone into the middle of the second eyes. The use of reading glasses, people improve the quality of life, played an indispensable role.

The degree of age is related to age. For example, at the age of 45, the power is + 1.50D (that is, 150 degrees), to 50 years old, whether you wear glasses, strength will increase to + 2.00D (that is, 200 degrees). people insisted on not wearing reading glasses, then the exhaustive exhaustive ciliary muscle can not be adjusted, will increase the difficulty of reading, resulting in dizziness, swelling and many other symptoms, affecting life and work, it is very unwise. So, presbyopia glasses with the match, do not delay. After age, the original with the reading glasses is not enough, but also timely replacement.

Therefore, reading glasses can not wear in the end for a long time to wear inappropriate reading glasses, not only to bring their own lives a lot of inconvenience, but also accelerate the process of Elderly.