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JAPONISM Kyoto Western Knitting Carbon Fiber Glasses Made A Debut

May 20, 2019

Hanjiang City, Fukui Prefecture, Japan is a hand-made glasses sacred place. It has spawned many eyewear brands for many years. JAPONISM is a big god. It was established in 1996 and named after "Japaneseism". It seeks uniqueness from Japanese tradition and history. And put into the glasses design, through the comfort and function-driven artificial mechanics as the basis of its brand, and then with the unique production method of the Japanese factory. In the current quarter, JAPONISM has cooperated with Fukuoka Weaving Co., Ltd., a long-established Kyoto kimono fabric manufacturer, to develop the "Western woven" Carbon Fibre carbon fiber as the glasses material, and the "Day and Night Twill" (Chuya) -shamon) The pattern is placed on the frame of the glasses and is the only company in Japan that can handle carbon fiber in a traditional process. JAPONISM uses Kyoto's "Western Knitting" carbon fiber to make the frame, and is equipped with a unique design patent. It adds a Projection series frame without a screw. The series is available in three colors, including black, gold and red, and is replaced by special rubber. Weekday metal screw parts, tested and opened for at least 20,000 times, experience the power of Japanese technology; JAPONISM also ushered in another series of Sense, with lightweight Beta titanium with Kyoto Nishijin woven carbon fiber sheet, also has a Japanese tradition Aesthetically, interested in learning more about the designated glasses retailer.