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Polarized Introduce

Sep 04, 2017

Polaroid lenses have become synonymous with polarizers. Normally, the sun is shot in all directions, when shot on the object, the light reoriented reflected to form the level and perpendicular to the direction of light transmission of the two kinds of reflected light, the former is caused by dizzying chaos reflected light, which is affecting the line of sight Of the useless polarized light.

 Polaroid lenses are a special filter that filters out reflected light from the water, wet or sunny roads and wet sand. It is made of synthetic resin thin film, is composed of seven layers of thin, the outermost two layers is super hard wear layer; the second and sixth layer is shatter-proof layer; the third and fifth layer is the ultraviolet filter Layer; the middle layer is a polarized filter layer, the overall structure of the unique and unique.