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Apr 22, 2017

1, the human body has a self-protection of the instinctive reaction, the eyes encountered strong light, the pupil will naturally become smaller, making the eyes of the UV energy reduction, once put on the anti-UV function of the glasses, will make the pupil zoom, plus this Glasses do not isolate the role of ultraviolet light, then the eyes are equal to the door open, let the UV into the eye damage can be imagined.

2, sunglasses can block the UV, because the lens with a layer of special coating, and poor quality sunglasses not only can not block ultraviolet light, but also a serious decline in lens transmittance, so that pupil larger, but a large number of ultraviolet light into the Damaged eyes. In addition, poor lenses also make people appear nausea, forgetfulness, insomnia and other symptoms of visual fatigue.

3, the sun lens color to light gray, brown or light smoke for the superior, followed by green, amber, blue, etc., red only as sunbathing or snow use.

4, the best use of polarized sunglasses, because they can weaken the glare of light.

5, if you wear sunglasses, others can clearly see your eyes, then your lens color is too shallow.

6, when the sun down the mountain, it is best to remove the sunglasses, otherwise, we are weak in the light where the vision will be affected.

7, should be to the regular optical shop to choose a regular manufacturer of anti-UV function of the sunglasses.

8, select the attention of the lens surface condition.

9, in the purchase of sunglasses, according to whether the material is clear to judge. To buy high-quality sunglasses, the only thing that can be done is to go to the optical professional store, regular optical shop to buy sunglasses.