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Second-generation Enterprise Version Of Google Glass, Priced $ 999

May 22, 2019

Google Glass was first introduced in 2013 and is one of the first augmented reality devices that use a pico projector to project computer-generated images into the user's eyes, so the image looks like "floating" in the real world. 

The earliest launch of Google Glass failed to attract consumers, and Google has been working on the Enterprise Edition for the past few years. Google glasses are expensive, and the built-in camera raises privacy concerns. In 2015, the consumer version of Google Glass has been discontinued.


The new glasses are priced at $999, but some companies can buy them at a lower price, provided they have business dealings with Google and have a contract. The price is much lower than the HoloLens 2 glasses that Microsoft offers to businesses and even the military, starting at $3,500.

Microsoft launched the HoloLens 2 in February of this year. This glasses is more powerful than Google Glass, and it can cover the real world and users can view it through both eyes. The second-generation enterprise version of Google Glass is the same as the first generation, with a small projector installed in front of only one eye.

Google's new glasses are based on the Android platform and are easier to distribute to employees than the first generation because they support mobile device management. Mobile device management is used to configure applications and services for devices such as mobile phones and tablets, and to control how employees use devices. For example, if an employee loses a device, the lost device is disabled.

Google said that companies such as H.B Fuller, Sutter Health, Deutsche Post Group and AGCO have used Google Glass in the logistics, manufacturing and field service industries.