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Sunglasses Originally Had Nothing To Do With The Sun?

Jun 15, 2019

Summer is here, sunglasses become a baby again, but certainly not for this purpose. Is it only to block the sun? I am afraid it is not entirely true. The origin of sunglasses is similar to that of glasses, and it is still being debated. It is said that it was invented by the West, and it was said that the Chinese invented it.

In the 12th century in the late Jin Dynasty, Jin Guo had a bachelor's degree called Liu Wei. He wrote the book called "Returning to the Mind." The book said that their officials would also wear "sunglasses", but not under the sun, but in the room, in the lobby. This type of sunglasses is made of "smoke crystal" (yellow-gray or brown crystal), not used to block the sun, but to allow prisoners to see the official's eyes when the prisoner is tried. Oh? Sunglasses can also create mystery.


Also said that sunglasses, Europeans in the mid-18th century, used to color the spectacle lens, this should be considered an earlier sunglasses. But it was not to resist the sun, but at the time they thought it would enhance the ability to correct vision. The history of modern sunglasses is actually far away. That is, before World War II, the Bausch & Lomb company in the United States grabbed a single business, helping American pilots develop a device that absorbs sunlight and protects the pilot's vision. So in 1930, they made a pair of sunglasses with green lenses, and gave them a very cow name: the leader.

Once this kind of sunglasses came out, they were immediately welcomed by American pilots. So in 1937, after several improvements, mass production began. American aviation personnel almost became one of their markers and quickly became one of their markers. It is a leather jacket). There is also a famous "iron powder", which is the five-star admiral of the United States, MacArthur, most of his photos can be divided into three categories, wearing sunglasses, smoking pipes and wearing sunglasses and smoking pipes.

After World War II, MacArthur quickly became a idol of Westerners because of his handsome appearance and the aura of heroism. The new goods such as sunglasses became popular.