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Swiss Alps Glacier In Virtual Reality Glasses

May 05, 2019

Swiss Alps glacier in virtual reality glasses

Climate researchers predict that in 2100, almost all the snow and ice on the Alps will disappear. There is now a virtual reality show that allows people to look ahead and see how the largest Swiss glaciers will shrink under the influence of global warming.


Recently, Swiss researchers' calculations show that, basically, regardless of how much greenhouse gas emissions will fall, the amount of glaciers in the Alps will shrink by about 50% between 2017 and 2050. The changes after this will depend on the evolution of the climate.


This roving exhibition attempts to illustrate the impact of climate change on nature and landscape. Visitors to the "Expedition 2 Degrees" external link exhibition will use virtual reality glasses to travel in time and space in the virtual world around the Great Aletsch Glacier in the Bernese Alps. The use of virtual reality means that people can experience what the Aletsch region looked like for generations and what it looks like in the future.

The study, conducted by the Swiss team, was published on the external link of the Cryosphere on April 9, claiming that the current “high-emission scenario” will lead to accelerated warming in the coming decades.


Matthias Huss, co-author of the study and an external link to the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, said: "In this pessimistic situation, by 2100, most of the ice on the Alps will disappear, leaving only isolated ice at high altitudes. Today's ice is 5% or less.” Now, global emissions just exceed the expectations in this scenario.

This virtual reality exhibition tries to help people understand the practical significance of a 2°C rise in temperature. This is the upper temperature ceiling recommended in the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.

The exhibition will be on display at the Zernez National Park Visitor Centre in southeastern Switzerland until August 22. It will then be exhibited at the World Nature Forum in Valais from September 10, 2019 to January 23, 2020.