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Wearing Contact Lenses Does Not Hurt The Eyes?

Mar 15, 2019

Contact lenses do not have the oppression and restraint of the frame glasses, so that the wearer can show their beautiful eyes, not only attracts a lot of ladies, but also many men also favor it. However, after wearing contact lenses, some people feel uncomfortable in the eyes, and even have serious problems. According to experts, too many of them are caused by the irregularity of wearing contact lenses. So, wearing contact lenses does not hurt the eyes?

Wearing contact lenses does not hurt the eyes? Experts pointed out that the contact lens itself has no problem, but improper wearing or unreasonable maintenance is the cause of eye injury. For example, when you wear it, do not follow the correct steps, scratch the lens or eyeball; wear it for a long time, the eyes are deprived of oxygen; wearing sleep causes the eyes to be congested; sloppy cleaning lenses, still wearing lenses when entering the water, causing eye infections, etc., in life Many incorrect operations are the main cause of eye discomfort. How to wear contact lenses to not hurt your eyes?


1. Before wearing contact lenses, you need to do a standard eyesight check and eye health check to let the doctor check whether it is suitable for wearing contact lenses and what kind of contact lenses to wear.

2. Select the appropriate lens power and lens base arc based on the optometry and the measured corneal curvature value.

3, the mirror box is recommended to disinfect once a week, replace a mirror box every three months.

4, unless the lens can be worn at night, the general lens is not allowed to wear a mirror to sleep.

5, pregnant, it is best not to wear contact lenses, endocrine changes, wearing prone to adverse reactions.

6, swimmers, it is best not to wear a mirror, unless the swimming goggles are completely sealed or replaced with new contact lenses after swimming.

7, contact lenses may be damaged for some reasons, at this time the eyes wearing damaged lenses, there will be foreign body sensation or even pain, redness, especially when this feeling appears in a single eye, should be treated as soon as possible.

8. Replace the lens regularly or as soon as possible. The complications caused by contact lenses are mainly caused by the deposit of the lens. The lens should be replaced as soon as possible to keep the lens clean and reduce the damage of the sediment to the eyes. (Haichang contact lens)

9, when the eye is infected, wearing contact lenses will feel more discomfort, such as itching, pain, redness, etc., or due to the deposition of contact lens surface caused by increased eye inflammation, there will be discomfort, this should also Seek early as soon as possible to prevent more serious complications.

All in all, if you want to wear contact lenses healthily, you must follow the correct operating practices, and you must not be fortunate. For more common knowledge about wearing contact lenses, you can visit the official website of Heya.