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Jun 14, 2019

Small inventions in life often have unexpected results. For example, this unique object designed by Dominic Wilcox allows the wearer to see a height that is one foot (30.5 cm) higher than normal glasses.

This piece is made from mirrored acrylic with precise bending. The shape is divided into two parts, the principle does not need to say that you can also guess, is the use of the principle of lens refraction, the lens in front of the eyes at a 45-degree angle, a larger lens above 30 cm.

As for the application scenario, the designer said that the source of inspiration was that he was watching the show on a certain day, but found himself blocking the sight of a girl behind him, so he came up with this little invention.

The fact that the refractive lens is a loss is that the effect will be lost, so don't expect to wear it to be able to play with the normal glasses.