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Why Wear Photochromic Sunglasses?

Jun 13, 2019
Why wear Photochromic sunglasses?

Sunglasses are the equipment that many friends must wear when they go out and exercise. Fashion is the one hand, and it is also an important reason to prevent ultraviolet rays from gaining a better vision.

Of course, an inconvenient problem is that if you are riding or trailing, you will only be able to take off your glasses if the scene is very dark.

At this time, a color-changing sunglasses that changes automatically with the light environment is what you need.


What is a color changing mirror?

The color-changing lens, also called "photosensitive lens", is a silver halide fine particle added to the lens raw material, and the silver halide is decomposed into a halogen ion and a silver ion to discolor under the action of ultraviolet rays in sunlight. Depending on the intensity of the ultraviolet light in the daylight, the degree of discoloration is also different. When the ultraviolet light disappears, the lens changes back to its original color.

Automatic color change all day

All weather = day and night × sunny / cloudy / rainy weather

In long-distance cycling, there are often various weather changes. Rudy color-changing sports sunglasses, photochromic adaptive weather changes such as sunny, cloudy, rainy days, rainy days do not need to remove the glasses, excellent impact resistance can also protect the eyes from flying sand and mud.

The color-changing myopia mirror is indoors, which is a clear and transparent myopia mirror, and the outdoor is a sports mirror that changes color with light. A multi-purpose mirror allows you to perfectly adapt to the light environment during work, driving and outdoor sports, and always protect your eyes and vision.

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